The geology of Hutchinson County is a large part of the county’s identity today. Read more.

The central part of North America has been flooded several times during the last 500 million years. Read more.

More than one civilization have called Hutchinson County home, and many more have passed through. Read more.

In November 1864, U.S. Cavalry troops led by Colonel Kit Carson fought Southern Plains Indians at the first battle of Adobe Walls in one of the last battles of the Civil War. Read more.

The first ranch in Hutchinson County was the Quarter Circle T established by Kansan Thomas Sherman Bugbee in 1876. Read more.

The Texas Panhandle is rich with oil and gas. In 1926, oil was discovered in Hutchinson County and everything changed! Read more.

From an Indian the Spanish called “the Turk,” Coronado heard of a wealthy civilization called Quivira far to the east. Read more.

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