Plans are coming together for Oil Patch Place. Brick Pavers are now available through Friends of the Hutchinson County Museum. Two sizes of bricks are available, 4" x 8" and 8" x 8" with your message laser engraved on it.


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Some items are restored and ready for the exhibit, like the core drilling rig and the 19302 Spudder rig. Others still need restoration, like this rare 1890s Spudder drilling rig.

Antique core drilling rig

1930s Spudder rig

Smoothing the Way for Oil Patch Place

The Oil Patch Place is coming together. Thanks to generosity of Phillips 66, ChevronPhillips Chemical and Rice Construction things are taking shape! Dump trucks, a bulldozer, a grader and a roller were on the scene to level and smooth the way for the Oil Patch Place exhibit. Keep your eye on the lot next door to the museum to see what happens next!

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