Ab's Knob

Ace Borger

Ace Borger's Home

Adobe Walls - The Battle of 1864

Adobe Walls - The Battle of 1874

Adobe Walls Indian Monument Ceremony

Alibates Flint Quarries National Monument

Antelope Creek Culture


Awaiting Results of the Dempsey-Tunney Fight

Beale Wagon Road

Big City News

Billy Dixon

Boomtown Kids

Borger Daily Herald

Borger Post Office 1940

Borger Texas 90 Days Old

Borger's First Filling Station

Borger's First Fire Truck

Bugbee Fort

Canadian River Bridge

Carbon Black in Borger

Charles Newton Gould


Cowboys & Roughnecks

Crossing the Canadian

Dance Hall Girls

Deahl, Texas

Draft Animals in the Oil Field

Early Oilfield Welding Rig

Early Phillips Service Station

Electric City

Elizabeth Borger

First Black Person Buried in Hutchinson County

Fritch, Texas

GeWhitt, Texas

Girl Scout Little House

Grand Hardware Store

Harvey Ranch

Hatcher Drug Store & the Black Hotel

Housing in Boomtown

Hutchinson County Library

Isaac McCormick House

Isom, Texas

John and Maggie Weatherly

John and Maggie Weatherly's Dugout

Johnny Holmes

Kit Carson

Lake Meredith

Largest Producing Oil Well in the Early Field

Law Enforcement in Boomtown

Martial Law in Borger

Mattie's White Way Dance Hall

Moonshining in Boomtown

Oil City

Plemons, Texas

Plemons Bridge

Quanah Parker

Sanford, Texas

Sawmill Operations at the Turkey Track Ranch

Shooting an Oil Well

SkiaTex Camp

Stinnett, Texas

Stinnett, Texas - The County Seat

T.S. Bugbee

The 6666 Ranch

The Alamo Plant

The Day Lots Went on Sale in Borger

The Dirty Thirties

The Drift Fence

The First Oil Well in Hutchinson County

The Gulf Dial Camp

The Murder of Ace Borger

The Oil Boom that Gave Birth to Borger

The Oilfield was Dangerous

The Rig Theater

Thomas Hart Benton's Painting "Boomtown"

Turkey Track Ranch

When the Texas Rangers Came to Town

Worlds Biggest Oil Field